Book review: Click, Clack, Moo, Cows that type

“Click, clack, moo, Cows that type” is the most hilarious children book I have ever read, I must say. 😀 I came across this book from the amazing family blog, “the rigneys” (which I follow for the last 3 years) and Jen,the author of this blog, had added this book to her “read-aloud log”. Soon after I checked the preview of the book, I felt in love with it and thought it will add a little humour to our story time. So, I ordered the book from As I expected, the book was a hit in our story time.

“Click, clack, moo, Cows that type” was written by Dorren Cronin and the illustrations were done by Betsy Lewin. I ordered this book when Kenu was about 22 months old. I reckoned that, he prefered stories with short paragraphs at that time. The story is full with repetition of words which helps the child to participate in reading and it is great for their vocabulary as well as for the interaction with the reader. The story is so powerful and it definitely enhances the imagination of a child. “Sorry. We are closed. No milk today.” When cows go on strike that’s what happens! 🙂 I think the toddlers are very much eager to hear about “Cows that type. Hens on strike!” and lost in their own world to think about how they take on this battle with farmer Brown to win their demands. Definitely this book is encouraging to turn the page and see what happens next. It’s full with excitement!

Illustrations of the book was done in water colour, I guess. Thought the pictures are not sharp and not contrasting with the background, but it certainly is collaborating with the text to steel everyone’s heart at any age. When I order the book, I had a little doubt about the pictures, whether those will be appealing to Kenu as he preferred the sharp, contrasting, colourful picture books. But, for my relief, he loves the book, may be because the story is too entertaining than the pictures or may be he just like the pictures as much as he like the story or may be he has just passed the stage which he loves contrasting colours and pictures. It’s difficult to read a two year old’s mind. 😀 Anyway, “Click, clack, moo Cows that type” is one of Kenu’s all time favourite story books and he has already learned to adapt the story to the real life. First, strike. Then, ultimatum. Finally, compromise. All with me! But compromise, not him, it’s me who has to compromise all the time. That’s the truth my dear friends! Happy clicking clacking moo with your little cows.


(This post was written sometime back and I forgot to press the publish button. 🙂 )


Moving on…

I couldn’t write for few months and oh how much I miss my writing… In the past couple of months, we celebrated Kenu’s 3rd birthday and we built a new house and moved in there too… I don’t know from where to start but here are some throwback photos from the last couple of months…








mummy, daddy and baby…

Yesterday evening, I saw, Kenu was pasting few pieces of paper together using his glue stick, but, I didn’t go to ask what he was making.
Next, he came to me and said,
“Here’s a nice bed.” and showed me what he glued together.
Then he put another piece of paper on top of that and said.
“Here’s the baby in the bed”.
Then he placed another piece of paper behind it and said,
“Here’s mummy”
Keeping another piece of paper on the other side, he smiled and said,
“Here’s daddy comes home and sleep(s) with the baby”.


yummy fruit salad

Straight from bed to the kitchen, to make a fruit salad. May be he has seen a dream about fruit salad… 🙂 This little man loves to wear that pyjama top, coz he is very proud when I say, “you are the apple of your daddy’s eyes”.

fruit salad

moon was shy or afraid…

Me and Kenu were lying down on the pavement yesterday around 8.30 pm and was looking at the sky. A cloud was going to cover the moon and we both were looking at it. Soon after the cloud covered the moon, Kenu was yelling, “Come on moon, come out. It’s only us. Putha(son) and ammi(mum).” 🙂